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Taro Shima learned in Tokyo in Ansei Era and he established current shop Masuya in Hiratsuka.
Our shop started from just small blacksmith.
5th master Tsuneki Takahashi opened as a new cutlery shop 'Onhamonodokoro MASUYA' in Hiratsuka Kanagawa since Heisei era.
Our shop had be crowned as a best sales shop in Kanagawa pref on 21th Heisei.
Shop had designed by nearly origin design.
Inside of shop, there is Tatami and Tokonoma.
This Tokonoma is important space for hanging Kakejiku and pray for seasonal event in Japan.


We deal only handmade knife of professional use.
We believe Japanese knife is best in the world.
Shop master has been kept a relationship with blacksmith in Fukui pref, in result, we can sell very rare products.
We never sell knife on internet because knife is so danger for unknown customer.
We can sell to only visitor to our shop.
You can select favorite one from several type knifes.
Takes it by your own hand and you judge it.
We can support your best choice in only our store.


Our shop master visited in Echizen Fukui pref where is famous place in knife industory and leraned all about knife among 5 years.
His career can be supply for best knife in Hiratsuka.
His private hobby is doing Kadou and Gagaku.
Also he likes to serve Sadou (japanese green tea).
Visitor in winter season can enjyoy hot green tea in our store.
In summer time, enjoy cool sound by drop water.(by Tsuneki Takahashi)
So sad thing, our master went to heaven by cancer in July 2015.
Our shop keep open by remained family and as usual.
We need 1 week or 10 days because we will send to Echizen Fukui pref where our master had learned.

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Q & A

How much does it cost of sharpening a knife?

Lowest cost is 1,200 JPY(about $12).
Cost will be up if your knife's condition is bad.
You will know exactly cost after our check. First of all, let visit to us.

How long does take a time for sharpening a knife?

We need 1 week or 10 days because we will send to Echizen Fukui pref where our master had learned.

Can you sharpen any type of knifes?

We can sharpen almost of steel knifes.
if you have non-steeel nife,we have to check because we think good condition will not keep so long time.

Can you exchange a handle of a knife?

We can exchange handle of knife of insert type.
In case of fixed type, it's hard to exchange and takes a little times. Minimum exchange fee will be 1,000JPY.

Can you sharpen a edge except a knife?

We try to sharpen all steel type edges.
Contact us once.
For example,Hasami,Kanna,Kama and Kuwa and so on.

Present a knife for celebration is bad things?

Do you know Sanshu-no-gjingi in japanese old story?
It means 3 treasure.
Ball, mirror, sword.
This sword has been kept at Atsuta-jingu in Nagoya pref still now.
Bride put on her chest Hanakazari in japanese style wedding.
Exactly Hanakazari includes short knife which could help and protect all bride from devil.
From this old story, knife is said very lucky presents on all celebration.

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Onhamonodokoro Masuya
6-17,Akashi-cho,Hiratsuka City,Kanagawa Pref
10:00~17:00(Mon-Fri)  10:00~12:00/15:00~17:00(Sat)
OPEN Mon to Sat
Parking Free in front of Shop